Who Do I contact for Help?

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  1. Gabriel D. Espinoza

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    Well, that's pretty easy, all you have to do is use the @ symbol followed by a name of the admin.

    Who are the admins? It's @Hugo Valdez and @Gabriel D. Espinoza

    Or you can always email us here --- NEWS (at) VVNG.com, of course you would just replace the (at) with the @ symbol.
  2. Hi Gabriel..I'm new to HDD. Normally I have used Craigslist..but I've heard lots about HDD so I'm giving it a shot. I saw somewhere that you could even advertise a house for sale? Is that true? I did see an estate sale and a condo/assisted living apartment up for sale but no houses? Also, is there an easier way to post lots of pictures? And last question, is there a place on the site that you can just peruse All the ads, or Ads by Category? Or do you just have to go through each page? If you were looking specifically for some thing you could search that thing but what if you didn't know what you wanted to buy but were just window shopping? I appreciate your answers to my questions, thank you. Patricia Peterson

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